Where do you belong nomad?
You dont seems to stop anywhere;
Is there an end to this forage?

With this stubborn heart
that beats for everything;
And with the eyes drenched
in questions;
What are you reaching for?

And to all the places that you’ve tread,
paving your ways with those tiring feet.
You never forgot to call it home
and yet when you kept moving away from it
I find myself gasping with those
same words from the beginning:
“Where do you belong nomad?”


Death in heartbeats

She laughs, holding her cigarette high in the air with one arm, smoke sifting off ignored. And we are in bed together laughing and we don’t care about anything and it is very, very funny. — Charles Bukowski

SongJohn Butler Trio “Young & Wild”

When the first droplets of rain
kissed the hot cocoon soil
of the earth.

She swings her hip
as she raises her eyebrows
with her bare feet
making a ripple in my nerves;

Sure was I dead,
by then…

Remember me


Tyler“You once told me, our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch. Is that true for everybody, or is it just poetic bullshit?” 


If you’re leaving,
take something about me
that you hate.
For in that way you’ll
remember me.

When you fall asleep at night
I wouldn’t hesitate to paint constellation
underneath your bare feet
so that always, you can find
your way back to me.
For in that way I will
remember you.

If someday
ever those hate falls into tears;
I will thread looking for you
 in a that way you’ll
remember me..
remember m…



“If your eyes could speak, what would they say?.” ― Markus Zusak


We could spun around the city till the day gets darker or maybe we could talk about anything, anything other than weather or we could go out and watch Annabella so that every time when I get scared I know you’re there right next to me or we could go to the beach side and walk on the shore with our bare feet sticked with sands. Do you see those tree house over there? Do you? Maybe we could climb over there and just gaze at everything. I think it looks pretty, up from here. I just don’t know, I think black is the only color that I wear, I kinda feel attracted to it. Don’t I look pretty in black dress? Does my hair still look messy? I just love looking like that, sort of sums up my life. Can you look at me for once again? Can you? Do you notice why eyes are watery? Maybe it talk about the day we had. Maybe some days are just more than just a day, like we feel throbbing. Can you hold my hand for one last time, do you feel that? Do you?like how my pulse fades away? I don’t know. I just really don’t know. But I liked this, just so it was more than just a fleeting moments that stayed within us.



A Mystical Insanity


Song : Julien Baker – Sprained Ankle

There’s always something about the flower,
that never fit into the idea of beauty;

There’s always something about the leaf,
that never fit into the idea of shapes;

There’s always somethings about the creation,
that never fit into the idea of science;

There’s always something about love;
that never fit into the idea of words.

Something always remained, to be opened;
something always remained, to tread.

Only a fool tread such a pathless path..
Blessed are those who are fools.

Epiphany for a nomad?


Song : Il Volo – ‘O Sole Mio

Wind always takes you back to those little creepy epiphany that you been carrying around for a while called Nostalgia, and that makes you sit back from the reality for a moment and see this ongoing play that’s been happening for no reason and for me that was the one reason why I asked her that stupid questions which I never thought that I would ask(But I did).  “if this is the last time we going to see each other, what would be those last lines that you’ll tell me?” She looked at me like those scenes in the movie, and I thought she was going to say something, but instead she pushed me a little and then came closer to me with those wide arms and gave me a hug. In that one hug for a fleeting moment, she told me all the things in a way beyond the constellation of words that could ever put in a piece of paper. And I have this feeling right now, that maybe It’s all about these little moment that passes away like this, that​ you would like to look back when there’s nothing to smile for, when there’s nothing for your heart to beat for. Maybe it’s the same reason why we all get up from our bed in the morning, because there’s a hope, that this piece of life, it’s worthwhile. That we don’t have to wait for the best days to come by but rather to look at the moment for what it holds and just live by, totally.

To live by,
to pass by.
Dipped into 
this ferine heartbeat
That roars for; 
For the epiphany, 
to Pass by. 
For the nomad, 
To have something
To tread by.


Something to smile about.


tumblr_o4snqlVIqa1uj6umoo1_1280.jpgMaybe that’s the reason why it feel so special about our life that we carry within ourselves. I think every time when a life walks upon this earth, in some ways they’re carrying this little pieces of universe.

Everything will change.. it has too, we lose the things that we carry as ourselves and like all, death awaits in all of us. And that’s  why there is so much reason to love and to feel love in this brief.. fading away eternity that’s living within us, as we call ‘Our Lives’. To live doesn’t matter much, but to live as if we’re saying goodbye makes such moments of  eternity free and intense.

It’s always been beautiful about how we leave the traces of ourselves in all the things we use to love and matter to us. The tales behind those traces, tell us about what it all meant to us. Haven’t you experienced, how something little can connect us back to those stories we use to live once, and it doesn’t matter how truly insignificant it might look, but how it made you feel  about those days, like a dip into your nostalgia.

For I’ve known the simplest taste of life as I gone through. As this art of creation that’s been everywhere, for me it’s about losing myself into it and for me that was everything.

An empty space,
for nothing can be made to change.
For everything shall merge with me
into this existence of music.